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WEMov’s 2nd training school in Bosnia

    Call for Participants in a 4-day training school organized by COST Action CA19112

    Bosnia (6-9 June 2023)

    Travel and subsistence costs covered by COST Action CA19112. No participation fees.

    Location: Faculty of Economics, University of Tuzla

    Objectives of the training school

    The training school will strengthen the selected trainees’ competencies in research on women´s migration. Trainees will learn through intensive training, lectures, interactive group classes, group work projects, working with top researchers and experts in collaboration with local stakeholders.

    The training school will acquaint trainees with various aspects of research including theories and perspectives across different disciplines, methods, techniques, and tools. Sessions will be tailored for the two groups of participants, M.A. and PhD students, in the following way:

    • For Master’s students, training sessions will include classes in textual analysis, biography and life writing. Students will also be acquainted with the research techniques of interviewing and oral history. Training will include both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
    • PhD candidates will receive training in creating databases from experts in the field. They will also gain insights in visualization techniques and tools.

    Trainees will work in tutored groups towards final tasks to be presented in the last session. Awards will be given.

    Participants in the training school will not be awarded ECTS nor other credit points. They will nonetheless be given a training completion certificate in the end of the training school; they will gain valuable experience that could be added to the academic CV. Participation will also increase trainees´ visibility on WEMov and COST websites. The event will be an excellent opportunity for the trainees to network and strengthen international cooperation as well as to gain experience in collaborating with stakeholders relevant to their field of studies.

    Last but not least, this will be an exciting occasion to learn about the Balkans, the local history, culture and the migration nexus.

    1. Class schedules

    During the training school, trainees will be tutored by 9 experts in the field of ‘research on the migration of women’ working with you throughout the week.

    Daily schedule will be as follows:

    Mornings: 9-10 am lectures

    Midday: 10-12 am: interactive group classes

    Afternoons: 2-5 pm visits and tutored project works

    A social programme will be included.

    1. Costs reimbursed

    Trainees will be reimbursed for their long-distance travel expenses in line with the eligibility rules specified by COST, and set at a maximum of 300€ by the Management Committee of COST Action CA19112. In addition, the reimbursement of the daily allowance rate is 100€/day for Bosnia, which covers the incurred accommodation, meals, and local travel expenses. Trainees are advised to contract a travel cancellation insurance for all their long-distance travel. Cancellation insurance is an eligible expense reimbursed by COST.

    The participants will be reimbursed after the meeting upon presentation of all necessary documentation on travel and accommodation .

    Application process

    Applicants to the training school should submit:

    • A short CV (2 pages max)
    • A motivation letter, not exceeding 300 words. Please explain why you are interested in the training school and how you think the training school will contribute to your learning and research objectives in the field of women´s migration.
    1. Selection criteria

    Trainees shall be engaged in an official research programme as PhD Students or Master’s students and affiliated to an institution, organisation or legal entity which has within its remit a clear association with performing research. Trainees can be from COST Full Members, Cooperating Member, NNC, or Approved European RTD Organisations.

    A total of 21 trainees shall be selected:

    4 groups of 3 PhD candidates

    3 groups of 3 Master’s students

    Criteria for selection of trainees:

    1. Geography: 1 trainee per country and fair spread-out
    2. Relevant fields: Migration and gender specialties are compulsory
    3. Motivation
    4. Contribution to career development
    1. Schedule for application and decision

    Closing date for applications: 28 February 2023.

    Decision letters will be sent in March 2023.

    Invitations sent via e-COST must then be confirmed within 2 weeks.

    Confirmation of travel bookings must be sent to administration 4 weeks before the event.

    Applications must be sent to

    Organisation committee

    Božena Miljić (Historical Institute, University of Montenegro, Montenegro)

    Maija Ojala-Fulwood (Tampere University, Finland)

    Marie Ruiz (Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France)

    Host: Selma Smajlović (Faculty of Economics, University in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina)