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Interview of Angelika (from Germany to Switzerland)

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    Angelika (aged 83) left Germany in 1967 and moved to Switzerland.

    Angelika left Germany for a job opportunity as nurse in Basel. Today she is retired.

    For Angelika, the adjustment in Switzerland seemed to have gone quite smoothly. She emphasises that she could easily travel back and forth and already knew the language, unlike migrants from Southern Europe.

    During her interview, she declares that she « didn’t choose Switzerland because it’s Switzerland, but because that’s how it just happened that way, (and) it’s the same language. That makes a difference, that makes a difference.”

    Interview conducted by Francesca Falk on 03.06.2023 in Ostermundigen BE, Switzerland

    To cite this interview, Falk, Francesca (03.06.2023). Interview of Angelika (from Germany to Switzerland). Ostermundigen, Switzerland (1:47mn).