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Interview of Anna (from the United Kingdom to the Czech Republic) 

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    Anna (aged 38) left the United Kingdom for the Czech Republic.

    After growing up in the UK, Anna graduated from the University of Cambridge and the University of East Anglia, and then lived in Italy, France and Switzerland. Anna then moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where she works as a freelance translator and editor. 

    Anna’s first days living in Prague left a strong imprint in her memory as she arrived on the day that President Havel died the city was mourning. She felt it was an odd yet very emotional introduction to Prague.

    The object she has chosen to stand for her migration experience is her Czech identity card. She says: “It represents two important aspects of my journey. Firstly, it represents my EU identity … When I was a young adult, I moved abroad because I had the ability to do so within the EU, and so that’s how it all started really… Secondly, because it represents how my journey has changed in unexpected ways… I never imagined that I would need to become Czech, and that happened only because of Brexit and because of the fact that I would lose my right to work and travel across Europe if I didn’t become Czech at that point.”

    Interview conducted by Veronika Čapská on 4 November 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic. 

    To cite this interview: Čapská, Veronika (2022). Interview of Anna (from Great Britain to the Czech Republic). Prague, Czech Republic (length: 3:45mn)