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Interview of Athanasia (from Greece to Cyprus) 

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    Athanasia left Greece 22 years ago to Cyprus. 

    A teacher of modern and ancient Greek history and literature, she left Greece originally for 6 months to follow her husband, George Kazamias, who had been offered a temporary position at the University of Cyprus. Yet, the temporary position became permanent and she’s been in Cyprus for 22 years. They left with 2 sons and now have 3 sons. She still teaches history today, after a 10-year break to raise her children. 

    For her, home is still Thessaloniki, Greece. During her interview, she declares that “Migration made me stronger”.

    Interview conducted by Marie Ruiz on 16 January 2024 on zoom

    To cite this interview, Ruiz, Marie (16 January 2024). Interview of Athanasia (from Greece to Cyprus). Online (length: 3:50mn).