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Interview of Cecilia (from Argentina to Italy) 

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    Cecilia (aged 33) left Argentina in 2017 to Italy. 

    Cecilia left Argentina to join her Argentinian boyfriend who won a scholarship in Italy. She is an artist (ceramist) and she babysits as well. She comes from a small city in the North-West of Argentina where she was teaching ceramic and she migrated for love.

    During her interview, she declares that « every time you go out of your comfort zone it’s a change » and she says that she feels more mature each time she goes back home, which is what she calls a « good transformation ».

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is the handmade necklace that she made and whose green color recalls her grandmother’s eyes: she is particularly close to her grandmother.

    Interview conducted by Paolo Ruspini on 24.06.2022 in Varese, Italy

    To cite this interview, Ruspini, Paolo (24 June 2022). Interview of Cecilia (from Argentina to Italy). Varese, Italy (length: 2.10mn).