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Interview of Charon (from Argentina to Spain)

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    Charo (aged 67) left Argentina in 1976/77 to Spain.

    According to her, “as the political situation in Argentina escalated, being a young student (in journalism) meant being revolutionary”, and this could lead to political prosecution. Consequently, she decided to migrate to Spain where Franco´s regime had ended, and where she had relatives (her father was originally from Galicia). She is now a Gestalt psychotherapist. 

    During her interview, she declared that she “came here at a time when all Argentinians were running away from Argentina. It was really good to run away from Argentina”. 

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is a mate cup

    Interview conducted by Miguel Oliveros on 15 April 2021 in Madrid 

    To cite this interview: Oliveros, Miguel (15 April 2021). Interview of Charo (from Argentina to Spain). Madrid, Spain (length: 1:54mn).