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Interview of Jane (from Slovakia to France/Switzerland/Emirates/Czech Republic/France)

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    Jane (aged 46) left Slovakia in 2000 to Paris (France)/Geneva (Switzerland) /Dubai (Emirates)/Prague (Czech Republic).

    She migrated for work in 2000 to Paris (France), in 2005 to Geneva (Switzerland), in 2006 to Paris (France), in 2008 to Dubai (Emirates), in 2010 to Prague (Czech Republic), in 2012 to Geneva (Switzerland), in 2013 to Bratislava (Slovakia), and in 2014 to Paris (France) where she lives now. 

    During her interview, she declares that she misses some moments from her childhood, although she is originally from Bratislava, she spent time in the mountains with her grandparents and that’s what she misses most. She misses Slovakia very much and tries to go back « home » twice a year. She still feels like a Slovak even after 20 years and despite her French citizenship.

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is an embroidered pillow.

    Interview conducted by Natália Tarišková on 30/4/2022 online from Bratislava, Slovakia.

    To cite this interview, Natália Tarišková (30 April 2022). Interview of Jane (from Slovakia to France/Switzerland/Emirates/Czechia/France). Bratislava, Slovakia (length: 2:38 mn).