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Interview of Elena (from Cyprus to the UK; Greece; Ireland and back to Greece) 

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    Elena (age 37) was born in Cyprus 

    Elena moved from Cyprus to Manchester to study European studies and a MBA after which she returned to Cyprus to work on an internship with the UNHRC before setting up Better Days in Greece to support refugees, moved to Ireland to study Race, ethnicity and conflict and has now returned to Greece to continue her humanitarian work;

    Elena’s solidarity work is influenced by her family’s personal experience of forced displacement during the partition of Cyprus, a feeling of obligation but also capacity and competence to help, support and show solidarity to women on the move.

    During her interview, she suggests that “everyday people kind of become overnight everyday humanitarians…and this is the concept of circumstantial or accidental humanitarianism…I think that there’s a lot of space for synergies … for the well being of everybody involved, the displaced people, but also the humanitarians“.

    Interview conducted by Elaine Moriarty on 1 March 2023 virtually

    To cite this interview, Moriarty, Elaine (1/3/23). Interview of Elena (from Cyprus to the UK, Greece, Ireland and back to Greece). Athens, Greece (length: 3.14mn).