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Interview of Ellen (from Italy to Belgium)

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    Ellen (32 years old) left Italy to pursue her studies in the UK and Spain, and finally settled in Brussels.

    She left Italy at 18 years old to study in Scotland for 5 years, and then studied in Spain before moving to Belgium in 2016. She also worked on board cruise ships in her early 20s.

    During the interview, she described her « mixed background » with an English father and an Italian mother. She says that she has a migrant family, which explains her migration history according to her. She described her grandparents’ migration path and the impact it had on her.

    Today she works as personal assistant to EU Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, in Brussels, Belgium.

    Interview conducted by Marie Ruiz on 27 June, 2023 in Brussels (online), Belgium

    To cite this interview: Ruiz, Marie (27 June 2023). Interview of Ellen (from Italy to Belgium). Brussels, Belgium (3mn)