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Interview of Galina (from Russia to Montenegro) 

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    Galina (aged 28) left Russia in 2022 to Montenegro. 

    She left Russia after the war in Ukraine started, because she and her husband didn’t feel comfortable in Russa, and went to find a better and happier life elsewhere. She feels that her life will never be the same as she plans to live permanently in Montenegro, although she misses her family in Russia.

    During her interview, she declares: “My first hope is peace”.

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is a photo magnet from her wedding.

    Interview conducted by Božena Miljić on 26.10.2023. in Podgorica

    To cite this interview, Miljic, Božena (26 October.2023). Interview of Galina (from Russia to Montenegro). Podgorica, Montenegro (length: 3:37mn).