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Interview of Ina (from Albania to Sweden) 

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    Ina (aged 36) left Albania in 2017 to Sweden. 

    In October 2017, together with her partner, Ina decided to leave Albania and migrate to Sweden firstly because her partner is a British citizen and for them it was quite easy to get a residency permit in Sweden, and secondly, because Ina’s sister-in-law lived there priviously. Ina now has two doughters. She is working as an assistant doctor and aims to get a medical license in Sweden. According to her, “with the support of the parents, family and friends, old and new ones, everyone can get strong, face the challenges, and create a better future in a host country.

    During her interview, she describes her migration experience as “it has been a commotion of emotions, excitement, fear, expectation and reality”.

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is a cup of coffee because in Albania and Sweden, coffee is drunk a lot and it is a cup of coffee that keeps Ina connected to the country of origin, but also makes her feel good in the host country.

    Interview conducted by Brunilda Zenelaga on 15 August 2023 in Sweden (virtualy)

    To cite this interview, Zenelaga, Brunilda (15 August 2023). Interview of Ina (from Albania to Sweden). Nässjö, Jönköping Län (length: 3m20).