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Interview of Katerina (from Cyprus to England)

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    Katerina (aged 62) left Cyprus in 1974 to England.  

    When the war broke out in Cyprus, Katerina was just a teenager. Her adolescence was upset by this traumatic experience. When she left with her family, they had no time to collect anything. Katerina´s mother was wearing a pair of earrings, which she later gave to Katerina. That was the only thing she could give her, the only thing they had left. They are a symbol of her belonging. She is now a retired primary teacher. 

    During her interview, she declares that “she is a women on the move”, she has never stopped moving since the start of the war in 1974.

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is her earrings

    Interview conducted by Miguel Oliveros on 15 April 2022 in Nicosia, Cyprus. 

    To cite this interview, Oliveros, Miguel (15 April 2022). Interview of Katerina (from Cyprus to England). Nicosia, Cyprus (length: 2mn).