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Interview of Krystyna (from Ukraine to Poland) 

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    Kristina (aged 33) left Ukraine in 2012 to Poland. 

    Krystyna, 33, comes from Kyiv, Ukraine. She initially moved to Poland to study 10 years prior the interview. She now works as a librarian and loves her job. She really cannot imagine going back home to Ukraine because Poland is her home and that of her children. 

    During her interview, she declares that living in Poland, as an immigrant, has changed her and made her more independent. She is really satisfied by the university training she received in Poland and believes that transmission is easier in Poland, so she can transmit traditions more easily to her children.

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is a Ukrainian folk shirt and her grandmother’s prayer’s book.

    Interview conducted by Edyta Januszewska on 15.06.2022 in Warsaw, Poland

    To cite this interview, Januszewska, Edyta (16 June 2022). Interview of Kristina (from Ukraine to Poland). Warsaw, Poland (length: 2:05mn).