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Interview of Letizia (from Italy to Norway)

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    Letizia (aged 27) left Italy in 2018 to go to the UK to pursue her studies.

    After completing her education there, she ventured to China to become an English teacher. Spending nearly a year in China, she then decided to continue her teaching career in Spain. In Spain, she changed job and worked for a fertility clinic before deciding to move to Norway where she currently resides and studies for her second Master’s degree in “Multilingualism”. 

    While adapting to life in Norway, Letizia has faced challenges, particularly in finding a suitable job that aligns with her exceptional skill set, as her proficiency in Norwegian is limited. Nevertheless, Norway has provided her with a sense of security and empowerment as a woman.

    During an interview, Letizia passionately shares how her experiences of migrating to different countries have profoundly transformed her and instilled resilience within her. Embracing various cultures and embracing change has enabled her personal growth, fostering a stronger and more adaptable individual.

    Interview conducted by Stellamarina Donato on 21 July, 2023 in Oslo (online), Norway

    To cite this interview: Donato, Stellamarina (21 July 2023). Interview of Letizia (from Italy to Norway). Oslo, Norway (4:54 mn)