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Interview of Lucie (from Czech Republic to Slovak Republic) 

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    Lucie (aged 37) left Czech Republic in 2016 to Slovakia. 

    Coming from the Czech Republic, she moved to Slovakia about 7 years ago, and currently lives in Trenčín, a small town in western Slovakia. What brought her to Slovakia was love. She met her partner at her friend’s wedding in Slovakia. They dated long distance for 2 years (Trenčín-Prague) and then decided to move to Trenčín, Slovakia.

    She feels very close to Slovakia, because she actually comes from a Czechoslovak household. Her mother is Slovak, her father is Czech, even though they lived in Bohemia all their lives, they only spoke Czech. Her migration was in the opposite direction to her mother’s, who came from Slovakia to the Czech Republic; Lucie moved from the Czech Republic to Slovakia. She was determined from the beginning to fit in. She likes to dance, so she started going to a Latin-American dance club, where she could fit into a community and make friends .

    During her interview, she declares that her « hope for the future is for this country to be more open. I’d like to lead my daughter in that way too,  so I’d like her to grow up in an environment that’s more open. Openness is my greatest hope, tolerance between one other and respect between individuals.”

    Interview conducted by Natália Tarišková on 13.11.2023 online.

    To cite this interview, Tarišková, Natália (13 November 2023). Interview of Lucie (from Czech Republic toSlovkia). Trenčín, Slovakia (length: 3:21mn).