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Interview of Maya (from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Ireland)

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    Maya is Senior Research Fellow in the School of Religions at Trinity College, University of Dublin. She was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, grew up in Croatia and was educated in Britain and Ireland. 

    Maya migrated from Croatia to London for youthful reasons – to experience new things, have adventures, work and earn some money but also to escape the escalating Balkans conflict and its limits on opportunities. Educational opportunities in London and Dublin facilitated her current profession as Senior Research Fellow with expertise in the Western Balkans and post conflict societies.

    Maya identifies a close connection between migration and educational opportunities to experience the wider world but also circumnavigate the obstacles of the Balkans conflict. 

    During her interview, she states that « Migration made me.. what would I have been if I didn’t do it ? I am the outcome of migratory experience. It made me who I am; it made me what I believe; it made me how I act; it made me how I experience the world. It is possibly the most important part of my existence ».

    Interview conducted by Elaine Moriarty in Dublin, Ireland on 4/10/23in person

    To cite this interview, Moriarty, Elaine (4/10/2023). Interview of Maya (from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Ireland) (length: 3.17mn).