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Interview of Mia (from Germany to Croatia)

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    Mia (aged 17) left Germany in 2017 to Croatia. 

    Mia migrated as a result of her parents’ decision to move to Croatia based on their cultural heritage, being second and third generation Croatians. Mia believes that migrating and facing the challenges presented to her helped her to build resilience in the face of change and problems. 

    During her interview, she declares that she is « now able to actually identify with being Croatian whereas before I only knew Croatia from holidays and like history my parents and grandparents told me”.

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is a camera purchased for her by her friends to take pictures of her new place of residence and send back to them. 

    Interview conducted by Natasha Kathleen Ružić on 20 February 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia

    To cite this interview, Ružić, Natasha Kathleen (20 February 2023). Interview of Mia (from Germany to Croatia). Zagreb, Croatia (length: ex: 4:48mn)