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Interview of Monika (from Slovakia to Spain/Austria/Czechia)

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    Monika (aged 45) left Slovakia in 2009 to Austria (Wien), to Spain (Madrid) in 2010, Czechia (Prague) in 2012, Austria (Wien) in 2016, and Spain (Madrid) in 2021.  

    During her interview, she talks about physical as well as mental and psychological movement.

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is her suitcase

    Interview conducted by Natália Tarišková on 19 January 2022 in Bratislava/Madrid online. 

    To cite this interview: Natália Tarišková (19 January 2022). Interview of Monika (from Slovakia to Austria/Spain/Czechia). Madrid, Spain, (length: 2.39mn).