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Interview of Nataliya Romaliyska (from Ukraine to Bulgaria)

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    Nataliya Romaliyska (aged 52) left Ukraine in 2022 to Bulgaria. 

    After the occupation of her native village of Bogdanovka, near Berdyansk in Eastern Ukraine, Natakiya left for Bulgaria during the first open corridor for refugees, to seek refuge in Bulgaria where her son was established. In this extract, she tells the story of her escape from occupied Ukraine.

    During her interview, she declares that within three days in Bulgaria, she received refugee protection and statuts, which grants her protection. She has access to all public transport in Sofia, medical insurance and a work permit. So, she can continue to live in Bulgaria although life here is different from Ukraine, but at least she can get a job and live decently. She misses Ukraine, but she’s fine in Bulgaria.

    Interview conducted by Petko Hristov on 23.12.2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria

    To cite this interview, Petko Hristov  (23 December 2022). Interview of Nataliya Romaliyska (from Ukraine to Bulgaria). Sofia, Bulgaria (length: 2.12 mn).