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Interview of Simone (from Brazil to Portugal)  

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    Simone (aged 54) left Brazil in 2021 to Portugal

    In 2014, Simone had the opportunity to move to Lisbon to carry out her postdoctoral research. Quickly, she and her family fell in love with the country and decided to move to Portugal for good in 2021. Today, she is a professor at Maia University in Portugal.  

    During her interview, she declares that migration was a force of change and made her move out of her comfort zone.

    For her, the object that best represents her migration experience is a Funko Pop of Alice in Wonderland, one Cheshire Cat. It materializes the fact that we should focus on our life, and represents the trail that took her and her family to Portugal. 

    Interview conducted by Joana Topa on 24/02/2022 in Maia, Portugal  

    To cite this interview: Topa, Joana (24 february 2022). Interview of Simone (from Brazil to Portugal). Maia, Portugal (length: 3mn).