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Interview of Teresa (from Italy to Germany)

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    Teresa (aged 32) left Italy in 2017 to Spain, Belgium, Palestine, Bangladesh, Lebanon and finally Germany.  

    She migrated to follow her boyfriend who wanted new job opportunities and personal development. She is a food security and livelihoods expert for a Spanish NGO. Migration and adapting means to be curious and just discover every culture, even the most alien one, something that is similar and something that is very different but could help us is what she takes from her migration experience. 

    During her interview, she declared that she learnt adaptation and personal development through migration.

    Interview conducted by Stellamarina Donato on 21/05/2022 online 

    To cite this interview, Donato, Stellamarina (21 May 2022). Interview of Teresa (from Italy to Germany). Hamburg, Germany (length: 3.03mn).