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Elena Alistar Gravestone (Bucharest, Romania)

    Elena Alistar (b. Ismail county, Russian Empire, 1873 – d. 1955, Pucioasa, Romania) studied medical studies at the University of Iași. At the break of WWI she was recruited by the army as a military doctor and continued to practice medicine at Costiujeni Hospital near Chișinău. She founded the Women’s Cultural League in Bessarabia, was a president of the People’s Party founded by marshall Alexandru Averescu and in 1927 established in Bessarabia the Romanian Women Group. She is buried with the Isanos family (to whom Elena Alistar was related) in Bellu Cemetery, Bucharest.

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    Address: Cimitirul Bellu, Calea Șerban Vodă 249, București, 040208, Romania