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Equality center named after Lucrecia Pérez (Madrid, Spain)

    Lucrecia Pérez (Lucrecia Pérez Matos) (b. Vicente Noble, Barahona, Dominican Republic, 15 December 1959 – d. 13 November 1992, Madrid, Spain) was a domestic worker born in the Dominican Republic who emigrated to Spain. She was murdered in Madrid as a victim of racism and xenophobia. This was the first case recognized as such in Spain.
    In Madrid, cohabitation with the neighborhood was not easy. The local immigrants were denied a room in the Cultural Center, so they occupied a public space. This raised stereotypical comments and accusations towards the immigrants about drug dealing, prostitution and insecurity. On 1 November 1992, a conflict happened between the Municipal Police officers and the immigrants. Several people were injured and vehicles were damaged. Two Dominican women were arrested for not having a legal residence permit. A few weeks later after the conflict, only a month and three days after Lucrecia Pérez arrived in Spain, Pérez was shot by a Civil Guard in the old Four Roses nightclub, where she and a few other Dominicans were having a meal. The tragedy sparked protests against racism in several cities in Spain and acts against racism in the Congress of Deputies.

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    Address: Calle Manresa, 1 B, 28034 Madrid, Spain.