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Gravestone/bust of Vítězslava Kaprálová (Brno, Czech Republic)

    Vítězslava Kaprálová (b. Brno, Austria-Hungary, 1915 – d. 1940, Montpellier, France) was born in Brno, in the family of composer Václav Kaprál and she began to compose at the age of nine. She trained as a conductor at the Prague Conservatory. In 1937 she received a French government scholarship and moved to Paris. After the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia on March 15, 1939, she became a refugee. Two months after her marriage to Jiří Mucha, she died in Montpellier (France) of acute tuberculosis in 1940. Kaprálová left behind an impressive body of music she composed. An annual concert « The Opening of Springs » takes place in Tři Studně and commemorates her friendship with the composer Bohuslav Martinů. Her legacy is cultivated by The Kapralova Society, an affiliate member of the International Alliance for Women in Music.

    Visit The Kapralova Society‘s website. For more, see Eugene Gates, and Karla Hartl. “Vítězslava Kaprálová: A Remarkable Voice in 20th-Century Czech Music” Tempo, no. 213, 2000, pp. 23–30.

    Address: Vídeňská 96, Brno, Czech Republic