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Gravestone of Blanka Teleki (Paris, France)

    Blanka Teleki (Blanka Teleki de Szék) (b. Satulung, Romania 3 July 1806 – d. 23 October 1862, Paris, France) was a Hungarian revolutionary and a pioneer advocate for the equal rights of women in culture. She became one of the pioneers of Hungarian women’s education. In 1846, she established the first girls’ high-school in Hungary. The school was closed in 1849. Later in the same year, she was arrested due to her support for the revolution. Blanka Teleki was released from prison in 1858, and went to Paris where she spent the rest of her life helping Hungarian refugees and promoting the cause of Hungarian nationalists.

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    Address: 3 Bd Edgar Quinet, 75014 Paris, France