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High School named after Maria Lamas (Torres Novas, Portugal)

    Maria Lamas (b. Torres Novas, Portugal, 1893 – d. 1983, Lisbon, Portugal) was a Portuguese writer, translator, journalist, and feminist political activist. She wrote articles for newspapers, as well as poems, serials, novels, and stories for children. Her works for women were more political and focused on improvements to women’s rights. In 1930, she created, together with the CNMP and O Século, an « Exhibition of Female Work, ancient and modern of a literary, artistic and scientific character », which intended to give visibility to women’s work from all of Portugal. She was exiled in Paris (1962–1969) during the Portuguese Dictatorship. For a time she was also exiled on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

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    Address: R. Escola Secundária 24, Torres Novas, Portugal