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Mausoleum of Marie Bashkirtseff (Paris, France)

    Marie Bashkirtseff (née Maria Konstantinovna Bashkirtseva, Russian Empire, 1858 – d. 1884, Paris, France) was an artist born in Gavrontsi near Poltava (now Ukraine). She lived and worked in Paris and died from tuberculosis aged 25. Her journal was published after her death and has since been translated into English. Her mausoleum was constructed by Émile Bastien-Lepage, the brother of her friend Jules Bastien-Lepage. It can be visited in the 11th division of the Passy cemetery. A biography and paintings are available on Wikipedia, and a website is dedicated to her life and works.

    Address: 2 Rue du Commandant Schloesing, 75016 Paris, France