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Memorial and pub commerating Edith Cavell (Norfolk, England)

    Edith Cavell (b. Swardeston, England, 4 December 1865 – d. 12 October 1915, Schaerbeek, Belgium) was born in Norfolk, near Norwich. She travelled to Brussels in her early life, working as a governess before returning to England. She trained as a nurse and upon the outbreak of WW1, Cavell returned to Brussels to work in a Red Cross hospital, where she began sheltering British soldiers and helping them to escape occupied Belgium into the Netherlands. In 1915, she was arrested and later executed by a German firing squad after helping hundreds of Allied soldiers escape. Her body was returned to Britain after the war for a memorial service at Westminster Cathedral and then transferred to Norwich, for burial inside the cathedral.

    The city of Norwich celebrates her in many ways with a monument, a primary school and one of the buildings of the University of East Anglia named after her, as well as a pub: the Edith Cavell Pub. There is also a memorial in London, near Trafalgar Square.

    More on Wikipedia, and on Historic England.

    Address of the monument: 10 Tombland, Norwich NR3 1HF, England

    Address of the pub: 7 Tombland, Norwich NR3 1HF