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Park street named after Aino Ackté (Savonlinna, Finland)

    Aino Ackté-Jalander (Aino Achté) (b. Helsinki, Finland 1876 – d. Nummela, Finland, 1944) was a soprano and one of the first Finnish international opera stars. Ackté started studying in Paris Conservatory in 1894 and she debuted with the Paris Opera in 1897. Her performance as Marguerite in Faust was a success and Ackté started to perform four nights a week. While working in Paris, Aino also performed in Finland during vacations. She also worked at the New York’s Metropolitan Opera in 1904–1906.  Ackté is most famous for her role as Richard Strauss’ Salome, which she performed in Leipzig in 1907. Ackté’s international career ended in 1913 and she returned to Finland. She founded the Finnish National Opera and Ballet in 1911 with Edvard Fazer and Oskar Merikanto, and lead the organization of the Savonlinna Opera Festival, which was first held in St. Olaf’s Castle in 1912. This street is a symbol of her work for the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

    More on The Finnish National Biography website and Wikipedia.

    Address: Aino Acktén Puistotie, Savonlinna, Finland.