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Path dedicated to Anna Tumarkin, with street sign (Bern, Switzerland)

    In 1909, nine years before Lina Stern, philosopher Anna Esther Pavlovna Tumarkin (b. 1875, Doubrowna, Russia – d. 1951, Muri, Switzerland), of Jewish origin and born in what is now Belarus, had become an extraordinara at the University of Bern. Paid only as a lecturer, Tumarkin was the first woman in Europe to have the right to supervise Ph.D.s and review habilitations. However, she was denied appointment to a full professorship, on the grounds of her gender, among other things. Anna Tumarkin explained philosophy in its historical contexts and analysed life from philosophical, theological, anthropological, and psychological perspectives. In 1937, Tumarkin was awarded the Theodor Kocher Price for her philosophical work and in 1999/2000, a path was named after Tumarkin in Bern. It is located to the north of the main university building and is only 90 metres long. So much for the space of recognition that is granted to important women in the Swiss capital.

    To learn more, read in open access Gender Innovation and Migration in Switzerland.

    Address: Tumarkinweg, 3012 Bern