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Plaque commemorating Anna Maria Garthwaite (London, UK)

    Anna Maria Garthwaite (b. Harston, UK, 1690 – d. 1753, London, UK) was the daughter of a Lincolnshire clergyman. She moved to London in 1728 with her sister, bought this house in Spitalfields, the English centre of luxury silk production, and created more than 1000 silk designs which she sold to local weavers. The Victoria & Albert Museum holds samples of 800. The blue plaque on her dwelling records her dates and that she was a designer of Spitalfields silks.

    Read the popular discussion on Anna Maria Garthwaite. Contrary to the impression received there, women in the luxury trades In London were not unusual, read more on the City Women exhibition.

    Address: 1 Princelet St, Shadwell, London E1 6QH