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Plaque in honour of Marie Čermínová – Toyen (Prague, Czech Republic)

    Marie Čermínová, known as Toyen (b. Prague, Austria-Hungary, 1902 – d. 1980, Paris, France), was a Czech-French avant-garde painter, drafter, illustrator and member of the surrealist movement Marie Čermínová. In 1923, she chose to use a gender neutral pseudonym Toyen. Toyen paid special attention to gender issues and sexual politics in her art. In her Prague apartment, she hid a Jewish surrealist artists Jindřich Heisler during the Nazi occupation. In 1947, just before the onset of Communism, she moved to France. In Paris, Toyen worked with André Breton, Benjamin Péret and Annie Le Brun, among others.

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    Address: Krásova 2, Prague, Czech Republic