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School named Gabriela Mistral (Badajoz, Spain)

    Lucila de María del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga (b. Vicuña, Chile, 1889 – d. 1957, New York, USA), known as Gabriela Mistral was a writer, diplomat and teacher. She was the first Latin American author to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1945. Her biography is determined by travel. In 1925 she was appointed secretary of the Institute for Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations in Geneva (Switzerland) and attended various congresses for Switzerland. In 1928 she represented Chile and Ecuador at the Congress of the International University Federation in Madrid. She served on the Administrative Council of the Educational Film Institute of the League of Nations in Rome (Italy).

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    Address: Pl. Colegio Nuevo, s/n, 06209 Solana de los Barros, Badajoz, España