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Statuary monument named after Monica Lovinescu and Virgil Ierunca (Bucharest, Romania)

    Monica Lovinescu (b. Bucharest, Romania, 1923 – d. 2008, Paris, France) was a Romanian writer, literary critic, journalist, and anticommunist activist. She went to Paris, where she settled in 1947 with a French government-sponsored scholarship. In France, Monica Lovinescu wrote on the topic of communism in Romania and spoke against the regime at Radiodiffusion Francaise and Radio Free Europe. Together with her husband, Virgil Ierunca, a literary critic and an anticommunist activist himself, they became symbols of resistance for those that lived in communist Romania. Due to their activities in France and their connections in Western Europe, both Lovinescu and Ierunca were under the surveillance of the Securitate, the secret police of the communist regime. A monument that celebrates Monica Lovinescu and Virgil Ierunca’s activism was unveiled on December 17, 2023 in Bucharest, while their presence in Paris is marked by a plaque on their house.

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    Address: Strada Doctor Dimitrie Drăghiescu Bucuresti