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Street dedicated to Maria Callas (Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, Greece)

    Maria Callas (b.  Manhattan, New York, USA, 2 December, 1923  – d. 16 September, 1977, Paris, France) was an American-born Greek soprano and one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century. Callas returned to Greece with her mother in 1937 to receive her musical education in Greece at age 13. She later established her career in Italy. In 1957, while still married to husband Giovanni Battista Meneghini, Callas was introduced to Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis at a party. Although they separated 2 years later, they maintained a clandestine affair until her death of a heart attack at 53 years old in Paris. After her death, the Maria Callas Foundation was established to give scholarships to young promising female musicians.

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    Address: Maria Kallas Street, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece