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Street named after Agatha Bârsescu (Bucharest, Romania)

    Agatha Bârsescu (b. Bucarest, Romania, 1857 – d.1939, Iasi, Romania) was a Romanian theatre actress, opera singer and teacher, known for her interpretations of Greek tragedies. She grew up in Bucharest and was soon sent to be educated in Vienna and then returned to Buxharest. On her way to study opera in Paris, she stopped in Vienna and became a student at the Vienna Conservatory, where she took classes on literature, aesthetics, choreography, duel, costume and foreign languages Bârsescu was well-known for organizing charity performances and was well-liked, In 1890 she moved in Hamburg for work. In WW1 she moved to the United States where she lived 9 years, and in 1925 she returned to Romania.

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    Address: Strada Agatha Bârsescu, Bucuresti, Romania