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Street named after Assia Djebar (Villeurbanne, France)

    Assia Djebar (b. Cherchell, Algeria, 1936 – d. Paris, France, 2015) whose real name is Fatima-Zohra Imalayene, was a Berber French Academic novelist, translator and filmmaker. Most of her works deal with obstacles faced by women, and she is noted for her feminist stance. She studied in Tunisia and then lived from 1980 in Paris, then in 1995, she pursued her professional career in the United States, in Louisiana where she taught as a full professor at the University of Bâton-Rouge in Louisiana and directed the Center for French and Francophone Studies. In 2001, she left Louisiana to become a full professor at New York University. For the entire body of her work she was awarded the 1996 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. She was often named as a contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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    Address: Allée Assia Djébar, 69100 Villeurbanne, France