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Tombstone of Catherine of Bosnia (Rome, Italy)

    Catherine of Bosnia (Katarina Kosača) (b. Blagaj, Kingdom of Bosnia 1424/1425 – d. 25 October 1478 Roma, the Papal States), also known as Katarina Kosača Kotromanić, belonged to the House of Kosača who were supporters of the Bosnian Church. She married King Stephen Thomas of Bosnia, from the house of Kotromanić in 1446 in order to bring peace between both their families. She then became the Catholic Queen of Bosnia. In 1463, two years after her husband’s death, the Ottoman Empire invaded Bosnia and put an end to their independence. They captured Catherine’s two children, and took them to Constantinople (former Istanbul) where they converted to Islam. Catherine managed to escape and took refuge in Dubrovnik, in the south of Croatia, and in 1467 settled in Roma where she received a pension from the papacy. She has been an important figure in the folk tradition and history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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    Address: Scala dell’Arce Capitolina, 12, 00186 Rome, Italy.