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Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska

    Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska is a full professor, Head of the Department for Cultural History at the Institute of National History, and a coordinator of the PhD programme Cultural History and Geography of Macedonia. Her research interests include cultural history, migration studies, cultural-national processes, memory and politics of memory, identity, academic culture, historiography, Balkanology, and Caucasus and Black Sea studies. Beyond her mother tongue, Macedonian, she is an active user of world and Balkan languages (English, Russian, French, Serbian, Bulgarian) and also masters three ancient languages: Old-Slavic, Latin and Old-Greek. She has been a coordinator and collaborator in numerous international and national projects; Head of the Balkanology Department (2004–2018); initiator for establishing the Department for Cultural History; president of the Association of Historians of Republic of Macedonia (2008–2009); professor and coordinator of MA study programme (History of Culture), and PhD studies (Cultural History of Macedonia, Cultural History and Geography of Macedonia); member of various professional commissions; member of editorial boards of international scientific journals (Glasnik, Phılologıcal Studıes, Journal of Balkan and Black Sea Studies); organizer of scientific conferences. She’s the author of numerous individual articles published in scientific journals and collections in Macedonia and abroad, as well as the author, co-author, editor and member of editorial boards of many publications.

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