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Božena Miljić

    Božena Miljić is a historian, researching contemporary history and culture, with an emphasis on Montenegro and socialist Yugoslavia. She is finishing her PhD studies at De Montfort University in Leicester, United Kingdom, with a thesis entitled ‘’Montenegro – A contemporary history through the lens of popular music, 1980-2021’’, her Viva is set for autumn 2022. Božena Miljić is working as a Senior Researcher at the Historical Institute of Montenegro, where her work focuses on Montenegrin history after the Second World War, Montenegrin cultural heritage and popular culture.

    in 2021, she edited a monograph book entitled Conference de Belgrade. Dnevnički zapisi Veljka Vlahovića sa Beogradske konferencije 1961 based on archival material found at the Historical Museum. Miljić is also a local consultant for UNDP Gender Programme ‘Historical Impact of Women on the Development in Montenegro’, that tends to bring focus of the public to those women who built Montenegro, and yet their contribution was forgotten in the meantime.

    Miljić is engaged in several projects with her home institution, the most recent one being ‘’Clio Map. Montenegro on political and cultural map of Europe’’ (2019-2022). She is also team member on the project of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts ‘’Montenegro in documents of Italian Military State Archive 1918-1920’’ (2022-2023). She has published several articles and edited historical sources, as well presented papers at international conferences. From 2015 to 2019, Miljić worked as a curator at the Historical Museum of Montenegro where she organized several exhibitions and contributed in the shaping of the Permanent exhibition at the Museum.

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