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Constantin Ardeleanu

    Constantin Ardeleanu is Professor of modern Romanian history at the Department of History, Philosophy and Sociology of “The Lower Danube”, University of Galaţi, and Long-Term Fellow at the New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Study, Bucharest. He is interested in the social and economic history of Danubian Europe and the Black Sea region since the eighteenth century. In recent years he has worked to complete a project on the industrialization and commodification of steamship navigation in Europe in the nineteenth century.

    His latest monograph is The European Commission of the Danube, 1856–1948. An Experiment in International Administration (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2020); he is a co-editor (with Olena Palko) of Making Ukraine: Negotiating, Contesting and Drawing Borders in Twentieth Century Ukraine, forthcoming at McGill-Queen’s University Press: Montreal and Kingston.

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