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Edyta Januszewska

    Edyta Januszewska is a professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Didactics and Comparative Education, Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw. She is a Doctor of Science (DSc) in the field of social sciences in the discipline of pedagogy from the Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn (2020). Her scientific interests focus on refugee children, families in exile, PTSD, acculturation processes in host countries, child soldiers, and qualitative research methods. Edyta Januszewska participated in various national and international research projects and conferences in the field of migration, exile, and endangered childhood. She has published four scientific monographs: Januszewska E., Heterotopies of Children in Exile. Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (Oficyna Wydawnicza IMPULS, Kraków 2019); Januszewska E., Markowska-Manista U., Child Representing a Different Culture in Poland. From Research into School Education (Wydawnictwo APS, Warszawa 2017); Januszewska E., The Chechen child in Poland. Between war trauma and refugee experiences (Wydawnictwo A. Marszałek, Toruń 2010); Januszewska E., Maturity to freedom in upbringing. A word about A. S. Neill (Wydawnictwo APS, Warszawa 2002), and several dozen scientific articles and chapters in collective works. Edyta Januszewska has participated in international Erasmus programmes (in Denmark, France, Turkey). She cooperates with scientists from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, and Canada. She has conducted research among Syrian refugees in Lebanon and in different European countries. She was a visiting professor at the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford (2014). In 2012, she was appointed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as one of the experts promoting the person of Janusz Korczak (a Polish-Jews educator, doctor, writer).

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