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Igor Lyman

    Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Igor Lyman is Head of the Department of  History and Philosophy, and Coordinator of International Relations at Berdyansk State Pedagogical University (Ukraine). His research focuses on History of International Relations; Regional History (History of the Southern Ukraine); Maritime History; Religious History; Social History; Oral History; Urban History; Gender Studies; Historiography; Archeography; History of Education; Modernization of the educational system of Ukraine. He has published 40 books, monographs and edited volumes, 220 articles in academic journals and chapters in books. The books and articles have been published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Spanish, Polish and Greek languages in Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, USA, Mexico, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

    He has personally presented his research in 121 conferences and congresses in Ukraine, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia. Russia and Belarus. He has worked in the archives of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Mexico and Austria.

    Igor Lyman is the head of the Expert Council of National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance (Ukraine); member of the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for examination dissertations (Historical Sciences); member of Research Institute of Urban History; member of International Association for the Humanities; and member of Presidium of NGO « Innovative University ».

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