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Ivana Dobrivojević Tomić

    Ivana Dobrivojević Tomić (1975) is employed at the Institute of Contemporary History as a senior research associate. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Department of History of Yugoslavia. At the same department, she defended her Master’s thesis « State Repression during the Dictatorship of King Alexander 1929-1935 », and then received her doctorate on the topic « Village and City. Transformation of Serbia’s Agrarian Society 1945-1955 ». Her research focuses on state repression in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, industrialization of socialist Yugoslavia, living standards of ordinary people, rural-urban migrations, life of youth in socialist Yugoslavia, and family planning. She was a visiting researcher at the Imre Kertesz College in Jena, the Institute for the Study of the History of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in Regensburg and the Institute for the History of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in Graz. She has written two monographs and over 60 articles published in Yugoslavian and international journals.

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