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Mateusz Wyżga

    Mateusz Wyżga is a history professor at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland. He has been running research related to historical demography, local history, social-economy history, and history of mobility, and migration for the past fifteen years. He is also specialized in the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Due to his theoretical and practical experience, he teaches archival studies, which includes digitalization, church archives, social archives, cultural heritage, historical demography. He is also a member of Association of Polish Archivists and vice president of Krakow Agency. He is a member of the Social Science History Association; the European Association for Urban History; the International Commission for Historical Demography; the Commission on the History of Demographic and Social Structures of Polish Academy of Sciences; and the Polish Historical Society. He was vice-director of the Institute of History and Archival Studies (Pedagogical University of Krakow, Sept. 2016- Sept. 2017). Additional information: 2005 – M.A. in history (Jagiellonian University in Krakow); 2010 – Ph.D. in history (Pedagogical University of Krakow); 2020 – Postdoctoral degree (habilitation).

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