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Rigsarkivet |The Danish National Archives (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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    Collection title: Inge Lehmann, Korrespondance mv. (1888-1993) | Inge Lehmann, Correspondence (Denmark: 1888–1993)

    Description: The collection contains letters written by the Danish seismologist and geophysicist Inge Lehmann (1888–1993). She studied at the University of Cambridge, where she continued to live after her studies. She also studied in Hamburg, Germany and worked in Greenland where she set up seismological stations. During her life, she won several awards. After her retirement, she continued doing research, now in the United States and Canada. Lehmann’s correspondence at the Danish National Archives has not yet been sorted and dated.

    Archive address: The Danish National Archives, Viborg, Ll. Sct. Hans Gade 5, 8800 Viborg

    Reference number: 00725–3

    Links: See the official website HERE. Access the catalogue description HERE (see HERE for more on Inge Lehmann’s papers in the Danish National Archives

    Contributor: Sirpa Salenius