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Announcements – Newsletter #7

    Women’s International Day at WEMov

    On 2023 International Women’s Day, COST published the article ‘Women on the move » about our Action. COST also promoted it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

    Gender, intersectionality, and inclusion in the EU research context

    At the EPWS Annual Conference on 22 November 2022, Maria Bostenaru Dan (WG2 member)  presented the COST Action Women on the Move with Marie Ruiz Action Chair. The conference was held online and its title was “Gender, intersectionality, and inclusion in the EU research context”. The full programme is available HERE.

    The Scholar’s Couch

    Sirpa Salenius (WG1 member) was interviewed for a brand new online journal that was officially launched in February2023. Black Maple is the first Canadian journal of Black studies. It is a one-of-a-kind mashup of the academic and the popular that focuses on Black Canadian histories, life, and aspirations. You can read the interview HERE.

    Pioneer Women Geologists: Eliza Leonida Zamfirescu’s memory 

    The COST action “Women on the move” is a European network that celebrates the memory of migrant women who left material and immaterial heritage. One such Romanian woman was Eliza Leonida Zamfirescu, a chemical engineer who somehow made a career in geology. Maria Bostenaru Dan (WG2 member) presented on the 8th edition of the Geoscience International Symposium’s session „Geoscience education and societal awareness on climate changeand other hazards. Geoheritage and humanitarian geophysics” on 7 of October 2022 with Mirela Adriana Anghelache, Roxana Mihaly, Cerasella Craciun and Adrian Ibric. You can see the symposium’s program HERE and the book of abstracts HERE (page 114).

    « Many women left their mark in migration and built Europe »

    Tatjana Šarić (WG1 leader) was interviewed on the project « Women on the Move » and the role of the Croatian State Archives in Nacional Magazine on 2 February 2023. The interview in Croatian is available HERE.

    Women on the Move meets with EU Commission and Council of Europe representatives

    COST Action Women on the Move (WEMov) hosted its annual stakeholders’ meeting on 7-9 February 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal, attended by David Kerr, cabinet member of EU Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli, and Paulo Pisco, Chair of the Sub-Committee on Diasporas and Integration of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The aim of the meeting was to bridge the gap between academia and politics and draw attention to the experiences of women migrants. COST published an article on the meeting on its website, which is available HERE.