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Primary sources catalogue

Document TitleArchive
Arendal Police Station – 1The National Archives of Norway
Bergen Police Station / Police DistrictThe National Archives of Norway
Emigrant records of the Oslo Police, 1867–1966Regional State Archives in Oslo
Kråkstad prestekontor parish registers, 1893-1931National Archives and Regional State Archives of Oslo
Letters to and from Nini Roll AnkerNational Library of Norway
Letters to, from and about Sigrid Undset and her familyNational Library of Norway
Ragnhild Haakon and Erling Lorentzen. In Copacabana, Rio. Photo taken in connection with a report in Billedbladet NÅ, 1956.National Archives and Regional State Archives of Oslo
Sigrid Undset ArchivesNational Library of Norway