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Primary sources catalogue

Document TitleArchive
Ada Mary Cockroft charity, and the Society of Overseas Settlement of British Women (later the Women’s Migration and Overseas Appointments Society)Lambeth Palace
Assisted Passage Scheme for single womenNational Archives
Assisted Passage Scheme for single womenNational Archives
Bergmann family: internment letters and memoirsThe Wiener Holocaust Library
China Inland Mission ArchiveSchool of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Archives, University of London
Colonial Office: Land and Emigration CommissionUK National Archives
Diary of Gilbert Purser on the convict ship Duchess of NorthumberlandRoyal Museums Greenwich
Dorothea Oschinsky: Doctoral Thesis and PapersCambridge University Library
Employment Committee – Employment Office and Migration Minute BookWomen's Library, LSE
Financial assistance to the Women’s Migration and Oversea Appointments SocietyUK National Archives
Gerda Mayer: personal papersThe Wiener Holocaust Library
International Council of Women: Migration and RefugeesWomen's Library, LSE
Kenya: assisted passages for womenUK National Archives
Lasker family papersThe Wiener Holocaust Library
Nightingale Papers, Second Series (Vols. XII-CXI)British Library
Original Home Office letters and papers relating to Scotland, including petitions and circuit letters in criminal matters, papers on treasonable practices, highland churches, and the Edinburgh School of Design.UK National Archives
P 1606/1913; Duleep Singh Family: affairs of the Princess Bamba, Sophia and Catherine; visits to IndiaBritish Library
Papers of George William ClarkeCentre for the Study of World Christianity
Papers of George William Clarke (1849-1919)New College Library Special Collections. The University of Edinburgh Archives
Papers of Lady Edith Haden GuestUniversity of St Andrews Special Collections