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Primary sources catalogue

Document TitleArchive
A cartoon diary: The life of a young girl from 1839 to 1853 in Łonia (Celina Dominikowska)The National Library of Poland
Eliza Orzeszkowa. Portrait photographyState Archive in Warsaw
Eugenia Mielnicka’s stay in a hospital in Teheran, first from the right is Zofia MielnickaThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp- List of Polish Jews from the camp Krakau-Plaszow in KL Gross-Rosen, work camp Brünnlitz on 8.5.1945 and List of female prisoners KL Gross-Rosen, work camp Brünnlitz on 18.4.1945Arolsen Archives
Halina Konopacka-Matuszewska (right) and Zofia Walewska present hunting clothesThe National Digital Archives
Ingrid Bergman, film actress. Situational photographyThe National Digital Archives
Krakau-Plaszow Concentration Camp-Alphabetical list of Hungarian Jewish women who were deported from KZ Plaszow in August 1944Arolsen Archives
Krieger Ignacy (1817-1889), Ignacy Krieger Photographic InstituteMuseum of Kraków
Lasker family papersThe Wiener Holocaust Library
Letters of E. Orzeszkowa to the Society for the Promotion of Education in ŁódźState Archive in Łódź
Lists of women who were liberated between Thorn and Bromberg in Poland by the Red Army on 22 January 1945Arolsen Archives
Magadan, Kolyma, USSR. Polish women released from gulags; standing from the left: Józefa Górska-Nosowicz, Jadwiga Bizanc-Szmigiero, Krystyna Zajączkowska-Rudnicka, Alina Kopisto, Irena KrajewskaThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
Orzeszkowa Eliza – novelistState Archive in Warsaw
Pola Negri, Polish theater and film actress, international star of silent cinema – portrait photographyThe National Digital Archives
Polish refugees in Romania. Polish women from the Women’s Circle while sewingThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
Polish Women’s Club (USA) letter to Ignacy PaderewskiThe National Digital Archives
Protocols of criminal cases at the council office in KrakówPolishNational Archives in Kraków
Reports of witnesses to historyCenter for Documentation of Deportations, Expulsions and Resettlement
Suzanne Silvercruys-Farnam, situational photography (by one of her sculptures)The National Digital Archives
USSR. Two women by a truck loaded with woodThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive